Perhaps you have always dreamed of owning your own swimming pool, and images of early-morning swims and backyard pool parties are always in the back of your mind. Why haven’t you gotten that pool? Maybe you have fallen victim to one of many myths about owning a backyard pool, and you are resisting making your dream a reality based on false information. Read on to find out the common myths about pool ownership, and what the real facts are. Spoiler alert: you should get that pool!

Myth #1: My Yard is Too Small

You can design the pool of your dreams to fit the space you have, and every yard can accommodate a pool of some sort. If you read our blog on pool trends, you would know that “spools” or small pools, are on the rise in popularity, and can fit into tiny spaces. Not every pool has to be a lap-swimming pool, and even just a small area that you can cool off in is welcome on a hot, California day. Take another look at your yard, and think outside the long, rectangular swimming pool box.

Myth #2: Pools Cost Too Much

Have you actually priced out a swimming pool for your yard? You may be surprised that many pools are affordable, and save you so much money in other ways. Do you go to an expensive gym every day to swim? Are your kids always begging to go to the neighborhood pool? Are you renting places to have parties because your home seems too boring? A pool can solve all of these problems, and can help you stay home more, enjoying your own home and backyard. When you design a custom pool, you can decide exactly what features you want to include, and what your cost will be.

Myth #3: My Home Value Will Decrease

The opposite is actually true! Homes with swimming pools are more desirable, especially in the southern Californian summer heat and the mild winters. Many people here are looking for a swimming pool, and will pass up a home that doesn’t have one, even if they like the house. A pool can be a great incentive for buyers, and makes your home more appealing in real estate listings and pictures. A swimming pool definitely falls under the category of home improvement, and adds value.

Myth #4: Pools Take Too Much Effort

Pool technology has come a long way, and many newer pool systems actually allow you to remotely control the temperature, chemicals, and cleaning cycles. A 

pool cover that automatically covers your pool can keep it clean while you’re away, and automatic vacuums do all of the dirty work for you. Also, hiring a pool service can make your pool have practically no maintenance on your part—you just need to show up and enjoy! Look into how smart pool technology could take the effort out of your new pool!

Myth #5: Chlorine is Too Strong

You may be resisting a pool because you think the chlorine will always smell too strong, turn your hair green, or your eyes will always be red. These situations would only occur if your pool chemicals were imbalanced and, as stated above, new technology can eliminate this issue. Regulating the chemicals in your pool is not that difficult, and you don’t have to worry about the chlorine. If you want to eliminate the chlorine altogether, salt water pools, or even mineral water pools, are a possibility. Don’t let a fear of chlorine hold you back from a great pool!

Myth #6: My Pool Will Be Installed Incorrectly

Have you heard nightmare stories of pool builders that took years to finish a pool, or who left the homeowner with a pool that was cracked, leaking, or unusable? This problem is easy to avoid, you just need to go with a trusted pool installer. Blue Fountain Pools is your reliable pool installer in southern California, with the expertise, skill, and pool knowledge to get your pool done quickly and right the first time. With Blue Fountain Pools you will always get a beautiful pool—just check out our amazing gallery!

Has the pool of your dreams seemed out of reach because of one of these myths? Hopefully we’ve done enough mythbusting that you are now ready to be the proud owner of your very own backyard pool. If you are in the Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Beverly Hills, or Orange County area, trust Blue Fountain Pools as your swimming pool authority!