Whether you are planning a complete backyard renovation with a brand-new pool, or you have an existing pool, adding in an inground spa to your design is a great idea. An inground hot tub is a great addition to your home and is the perfect complement to your California swimming pool. Read on to find out why an inground spa is a great idea!

Year Round Enjoyment

An inground hot tub can be enjoyed regardless of the outside temperature. While some days might be too chilly to go for a swim, a toasty warm inground spa is great no matter what the ambient temperature. Imagine soaking under the stars on a cool night or using the spa on a chilly morning. A inground hot tub offers year round enjoyment and is the perfect addition to your backyard.

Health Benefits

The hot water in an inground spa can increase circulation and blood flow, relax muscles, and ease joint pain. The weightlessness that floating in water brings can also reduce the pressure on joints and muscles and give you a great break at the end of a long work day. If your spa is installed with jets, you can use the powerful water stream to massage tired muscles. Hot tubs can be extremely healing to people struggling with arthritis or chronic pain, which can help with range of motion and staying physically active. Headache and migraine sufferers also can experience relief from the tension that can be a cause of head pain.

All Ages

Everyone loves a hot tub, from kids to older adults. For young children, a hot tub can be a more inviting, smaller space that is less intimidating than a big pool. The warmer water can also be more inviting than a chilly pool. Even just sticking their feet in a hot tub can be fun for young children. Always make sure they are supervised and check with your doctor if you are unsure about the temperatures appropriate for young children. Older individuals also appreciate the soothing effects of hot tubs, and find that they are the perfect place for relaxing at the end of the day. Install an inground spa, and expect every generation to be wanting to enjoy it!

Integrate With Your Pool

If you already have an inground swimming pool and are lamenting that you never included an ingound spa in your original design, you still can! Designing an inground hot tub that spills into a pool is a great design feature that can add to the beauty of your backyard, and provide the calming sound of a waterfall. Integrating your pool and spa also has the benefit of keeping the spa clean, as it is constantly circulating and overflowing into the pool, and makes it easier to control the water level in both your pool and spa. Many designs allow you to seamlessly move from pool to spa, or vice versa, and look beautiful.

Great After a Swim

If you utilize your swimming pool for intense workouts, an inground spa can be great for relaxing after exercising. All of the health benefits mentioned above, such as joint and muscle relaxation, can be incredibly helpful after a vigorous swim. An inground spa is a great addition to your swimming pool!


While a swimming pool is a great place for fun, splashing, swimming, and throwing a party, an inground spa allows for more intimate socializing. Usually circular and with integrated benches, an inground spa is the perfect place to have lively conversation where everyone is participating and close to one another. Imagine your next dinner party ending with a glass of wine enjoyed in your beautiful new hot tub.

Water Saving

If you are someone that loves taking a long, leisurely bath, you know how much water you can use filling up that bath and keeping it hot. A hot tub only needs to be drained and refilled every three to six months, and saves more water than taking regular baths. Enjoy a more submerged bathing experience, and save water at the same time!


Insomnia is a problem that many people struggle with, and the use of an inground hot tub can help. Even a fifteen minute soak a couple of hours before bedtime raises your body temperature and the cool down period that follows can aid in falling asleep and staying asleep. Getting enough sleep brings a host of health benefits, so if you battle sleep at night, an inground spa might be a great solution!

So what are you waiting for? If you have an existing pool that you are looking to upgrade, a hot tub with a cascading waterfall is a great aesthetic addition. If you are looking to install a new pool in Orange County, all of the benefits listed above should convince you that a hot tub is essential as well. For all of your inground spa and swimming pool installation needs, contact Blue Fountain Pools today!