Have you lounged in your backyard for many hot summer nights dreaming of owning your very own backyard swimming pool? Do you regularly go to the gym to swim laps and wonder why you don’t just have a pool of your own? Are your kids constantly begging you to take them to the local pool and can spend hours splashing and playing? If owning a pool has been on your mind, and you are literally ready to “take the plunge”, read on for some considerations to ponder before you start construction.


For some homeowners, a pool will take up the majority of their usable backyard, but for others they will have to make some decisions on the location. Do you want your swimming pool to be right next to your house with easy access? Or would you rather have it a distance away, down a path, in its own separate zone? If your property is sloped, you will need to take that into account. You can still dig into a sloped area, build a retaining wall, and create the flat space you need. If you have large trees on your property, you may not want your pool directly under them. Not only will the falling leaves and seeds make cleaning your pool hard, but you may not want your pool to be shaded. Consider where your neighbors are, what the view will be from the pool, and if you have enough room to add the kind of pool deck you may want.


Who is going to primarily be using the pool? Is it going to be adults who are primarily relaxing poolside, taking an occasional dip? Or is it going to be for kids and grandkids to enjoy, with both strong swimmers and non-swimmers present? Do you want it long enough to swim laps? Do you need to be able to see your kids from the house windows? Considering how you will use your pool on a day to day basis will help you with a lot of the other design features and considerations.


Once you have decided on a location, you need to think about what size and shape you want your pool to be. Again, your backyard may determine this, and you will need to conform your pool to the existing shape of your property. If you are going to be using your pool primarily for exercise, you will want a long, rectangular shape to allow for continuous swimming. A rectangular or square, straight-edged pool is a more formal design and can go great with a traditional house style. Rectangular pools are also great complements to the mid century style of house with its clean lines and simplicity. Oval pools have a softer, more casual look, and the kidney shaped pool utilizes the oval shape and looks natural. Kidney shaped pools can easily fit into a wide range of spaces, and often look 

great with landscaping mimicking their soft edges. An L-shaped pool is a great choice if you want to define a shallower area but still allow for lap swimming. If you want to have a diving board, basketball hoop, slide, or other pool accessories, an L-shaped design gives flexibility to create different zones for different activities. Pools can come in almost any shape you can dream up!


Once you have decided on the size, shape, and location of your new pool, you need to start thinking about additional features. Do you want lighting in your pool? Lighting can be great for nighttime swimming, and the fun can continue even when the sun goes down. Are you going to have stairs entering your pool, a shallow, zero-depth entrance, or ladders? Underwater benches are also great for parties, kids, and anyone who likes to sit in the water on a hot day. Consider a pool cover, and whether you need any special features that would help with underwater aerobics or swimming. A diving board or slide can add hours of fun to a plain pool, and kids will enjoy diving and cannonballing into the water. Think of other pools you have been in and what you liked about them. What features could you add to your pool that would make it more beautiful, usable, and enjoyable?

Pool Deck

While the pool will be the main attraction, you should also consider the aesthetics and function of your pool deck. How big do you want the surrounding deck to be? What will it be made from? Plain concrete offers a non-slip surface, but there are other materials that are even more attractive and ornate. Stamped concrete is a great choice for adding some design interest to concrete decks, and bricks or pavers are also good. Other non-slip stones such as slate or flagstone can really elevate your pool area, and your property in general. A wood deck, or an engineered wood platform, can be functional, beautiful areas to lounge and entertain. The surrounding area to your pool will be the first thing you see as you approach your pool, so take some time to really make it special.

Extra Amenities

You can turn your pool into a whole outdoor area to enjoy! Do you want an outdoor shower to wash off after a swim? What about a pool house where guests can change? When you are entertaining do you really want to be running back into the house for snacks and drinks? Consider adding in an outdoor kitchen, complete with the same appliances you enjoy inside your home. Nothing is better than cooking and entertaining while guests cool off in your beautiful pool. A fire pit is also a great addition to a pool area. After a swim, warm up around a cozy fire, and at parties a fire pit is a great conversation area. A gazebo near the pool can offer up shade on a sweltering day. Even a swim-up bar can be added in to maximize the party potential of your new swimming pool! Fountains that arc over your pool add interest and hours of fun for kids. Think about how your pool can really enhance your overall lifestyle, and add in all of the extra amenities that complete the package.

Hot Tub

A perfect complement to a great swimming pool is a wonderful, relaxing hot tub. A tub can be connected to your pool, even spilling over into it, or can be in a separate area. Kids can splash and play in the main pool while the adults enjoy the peacefulness of soaking in the hot tub. A hot tub is great for relaxing your muscles after a long swim, and keeps the pool area in use even when the temperatures drop. A hot tub can be utilized when the sun goes down, in the cooler night breezes.. Hot tubs, like pools, come in all shapes and sizes, and you can choose something that looks great with your home and your pool.


Adding in additional features to your pool area with hardscaping looks great. In addition to your pool deck, you can have steps, walkways, borders, benches and more that add functionality and beauty to your yard. Hardscaping can connect different areas of your backyard, joining your pool, hot tub, gazebo, outdoor kitchen, and more. Retaining walls can be great for seating, and can hold landscaping grasses and flowers. Elaborate waterfalls can cascade water into your pool, adding a soothing sounds and beauty. There are so many ways hardscaping can be used to improve your pool, make sure you make it a part of your design consideration.


Adding in beautiful plants can really be the finishing touch that makes your pool complete. Planters near the pool make the area look lush and full, and are a great contrast to the pool deck. Trees that are somewhat nearby can provide shade to lounge in, and can provide a private backdrop to your pool. Landscaping can also soften the sometimes harsh edges a pool can create, and gentle cascading plants add beauty. Soft grass near a pool gives an area to relax away from the pool deck. Take landscaping into consideration when planning for your pool, and see what flowers and grasses could elevate your pool to something truly unique and special.


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