A swimming pool is a swimming pool, right? Absolutely not! Gone are the days where a swimming pool was just a boring blue box on a concrete pad. Swimming pool design is constantly evolving, even when you think there couldn’t possibly be any new ideas. Check out some of the current design trends, and consider incorporating them into your new swimming pool!

Baja Shelves

Yep, there’s a name for those shallow ledges at luxurious resorts that hold your deck chair or lounger in just a few inches of water. They are called baja shelves, and they are a great addition to consider when creating your perfect pool. They can be an oversized second step into your pool, and are great for relaxing, for kids to splash on, or for tanning. It is just 

enough water to keep you cool without the full immersion of getting into the pool. Think of a few deck loungers placed in a few inches of water, beckoning you to sit and relax. That is the beauty of the baja shelf; they encourage relaxation and remind you of your favorite resorts. Bring 

that luxurious resort feeling to your own backyard pool by incorporating a baja shelf!

Multi Level Pools

Especially if you want to use your pool for different age groups and different interests, having multiple levels can be amazing! A lower wading pool can be perfect 

for kids to splash and play in, and can serve as a place for adults to relax and cool off. Another larger pool can connect to the smaller wading pool, and can be a place for lap swimming. Having a cascading waterfall that connects your pool levels gives added design and beauty to your backyard.  

Straight Lines

That straight lines and geometric shapes would be a design trend is funny, because this is the traditional, classic pool shape. But many homeowners are seeing the benefit to having clean lines in their home design, and their swimming pools. Just because you choose to have a simple shape for your pool doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious! Adding in special features keeps your pool exciting, but modern and uncluttered in visual appearance.



What in the world is a spool? A spool, or plunge pool, is a small pool that can fit into a wide variety of backyard sizes and shapes. Even if your property is not sprawling, you can still add in the beauty and luxury of a swimming pool. Perfect for the urban or suburban yard, spools can be customized to perfectly fit your space. Spools are usually deeper, don’t have a shallow end, and allow space for other design features in a backyard, such as an outdoor kitchen. If you will be using your pool to cool off and relax in, and are not interested in swimming laps, a spool might be perfect for you!

Beach Entry

Do you love the gentle access a beach provides to the water? Mimic that beauty in your own pool with a beach, also called a zero-depth, entry. These pools skip 

the shallow end and deep end and rather allow the depth to gradually increase as you go in. Perfect for kids to splash at the edge, and even for handicapped 


individuals who can’t handle traditional steps, these unique pools really stand out. If you want something different in your home that calls to mind the relaxation of the ocean, a beach entry pool is the answer!


Gone are the days that a bright blue bottom is the only choice for your pool! Experimenting with different pool liners will produce a different water color and can add additional beauty to your backyard. A traditional white plaster bottom gives a classic look to any pool, but using a color can also be a great choice. Dark blues, greys, and even black give depth to your pool and can make it appear larger. Using stone or pebbles will give a more natural look to the bottom 

of your pool, and 

can continue the aesthetic of your pool surround. If you love a natural look, turn to natural materials to really complement your yard. Glass and tile bottoms are also popular, with many different options to choose from. The main trend in pool bottoms is to be unique, and think outside the blue box!

Infinity Pools

An infinity pool is aptly named for the illusion that it never ends; a drop off ledge is constantly draining water into a lower basin or pool. Once only seen in high end resorts and luxurious villas, the infinity pool brings that beauty to your own home. The constant water flow can give a great background noise to your backyard oasis, and you can pretend you are at the edge of the ocean. Infinity pools can be easier to clean because the debris runs out of the main pool into the lower basin.

Mineral Water

Maybe you have heard of a saltwater pool as a healthy alternative to traditional chlorine pools, but have you considered a mineral water pool? If you hate the smell of chlorine and the sticky feeling of saltwater, you want to check out the newest trend in pool water. Mineral water has a silky feel and does not irritate the 

eyes or dry out your hair. Mineral water swimming pools are crystal clear, and offer health benefits not found in your usual pool water. Truly spoil yourself with the relaxing and healing luxury of a mineral water pool.

Smart Pools

Yes, even your pool can be automated. Alexa can turn on your pool lights or jets, and you can use your smartphone to control the heat or put on the pool cover. 

Pool automation is just another upgrade that can make your life more enjoyable! Imagine heating up your hot tub on the way home from work, scheduling a pool cleaning while you are lounging in bed, or turning up the music at a party while on your new baja ledge. If you are considering features for your new pool, consider making your pool a smart pool.

Fire and Water

These two elements seem at odds with each other, but combining fire features with your pool is a rising trend. Whether you use a fire pit, fire bowl, or flames of fire adorning the edges of your pool, fire adds a unique design element to any pool. Fire is also a natural way to warm up after a swim, and a fire pit can be a great place for entertaining or relaxing by in the evening.

If you love being on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest design trends, these pool ideas are perfect for you! When planning out your new California swimming pool in Orange Beach and the surrounding areas, Blue Fountain Pools has the expertise you need to truly make your pool unique and beautiful. To incorporate some of these design ideas in your new pool, get your free estimate today!