Getting a new swimming pool is a very exciting event – you think about all the rays you’ll be soaking up, the refreshing dips after hot days, lounging with a drink in your hand, the parties and good times to be had around the pool, and avoiding the inevitable splashes from your children. When thinking about the functionality of your pool, you may realize its versatile potential. Swimming in itself is a very relaxing sensation, but have you thought about the potential your pool has to be a place to get fit too? Why sweat so much at the gym when you can get an intense workout done in your pool? Let’s explore some of the potential workout ideas for you to get fit in your swimming pool.

poolexercise-image1Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is a great way to get a workout in your pool. Many gyms and fitness centers offer water aerobics classes, but with a pool in your backyard, all you need is your self-determination and willpower to motivate yourself to get a workout. Water aerobics is done in the shallow end of your pool, and is a very efficient and effective way of resistance and endurance training. It also helps with muscle strength, it’s a great way to relieve stress, it helps increase flexibility, it burns those despised calories, and much more. Plus, it’s a low impact exercise, so it does not have as much strain on your body as dry land workouts do. An unappealing aspect to working out in the pool is the cold sensation you may feel from initially getting in the pool. No worries, with a warm up you can ease your way into a workout. Check out this guide for potential water aerobic exercises. With a variety of different aerobic exercises available in the water, you can adjust your workout to fit your needs. You even have to power to choose what kind of music you want to listen to, so you’re not stuck with your water aerobics instructor’s outdated playlist.

Swimming Laps

Swimming is seen as one of the best workouts you can do. Swimming engages almost every muscle in your body, and can provide a great endurance, strength, and cardio training. Swimming laps is great for managing cholesterol levels. There has also been studies that show swimming can help improve blood sugar and blood pressure control. Because of the resistance workout aspect of swimming, it is a workout which helps build muscle and essentially helps control blood sugar.

poolexercise-image2Water Walking

If strolling the block is not an ideal way to work out for you, no worries. You can walk in the water and achieve quite a bit of an exercise from doing so. In fact, water walking has some benefits that walking on dry land doesn’t offer. Because the water provides resistance, your muscles work harder to move forward and the buoyancy from the water helps reduce strain on your joints. You can design the workout by alternating 30 seconds of walking in place and  30-second breaks, while managing how long the workout lasts.

Getting a new pool is a very exciting addition to your home. Not only does it supply a lot of luxury and relaxation, it can have a multitude of benefits for your overall physical health. If you’re looking to get a new pool or looking to add an addition to your existing pool, look no further. Blue Fountain Pools can help create your vision for your pool into a reality with our experience and dedication to the overall outcome of the construction. Blue Fountain Pools is a contractor you can trust. Contact us today!