A home is where you live, but it can also be the perfect place to host family and friends, and celebrate special events. In beautiful Southern California, the weather allows for events to be outside year-round, which is why a backyard pool is a great addition to any home. Pools are perfect for entertaining, read more to find out why!


Kid’s Birthday Parties

If you have kids, you know that finding a great location for their birthday parties can be stressful, expensive, and time-consuming. Having a birthday party at your house is a great idea, but sometimes can seem a little boring. Not when you have your own swimming pool! A swimming pool provides hours of fun, and the opportunity for games that are played in the water. If you are thinking about installing a new pool, consider how you could make it even more fun for your kiddos! A great twisty slide, a zero-depth beach entry, a large shallow end, and places to jump in will make pooltime even better. If you love having your kids home, and all of their friends over, a pool can make your house the best one on the block! Your kids will love inviting their friends over when you have an amazing pool.


Adult Pool Parties

While a swimming pool is great for hosting little kids, it is also perfect for big kids (adults). Everyone loves the pool, whether they are swimming, splashing, or just dipping their toes in. A party with the pool as the centerpiece provides instant fun and entertainment—especially if you add in some games and floats. Perfect for a party at your home on a hot summer day, a pool gives respite from the heat and loads of fun. All ages love the pool, so host an adult pool party in your pool.

Play Dates

Do you love getting together with other parents with small children to swap stories and watch your little ones play? A backyard pool is the perfect place for parents to sit and talk while watching their kids have a blast in the pool! A backyard pool can be designed to contain little kids, and you can always have an eye on your little wanderers. Plus, the pool offers more unique fun than just a playground, and can provide stressed parents with a few precious minutes more to enjoy adult company.

Enhances Non-Pool Parties

Just because you throw a party in your backyard with a pool, doesn’t mean the pool needs to be used for swimming. A pool can offer a great place for design and decoration to accompany your next party. Imagine candles floating in the pool, or faux lily pads or flowers that bring beauty to your yard. Floats that match your party theme can add a great punch and will make your party unforgettable. If you have fountains or water features that you can turn on, your pool becomes a design focal point instead of a place to play. Think of how your pool could be used to make your next party more special and spectacular!

Relaxing Hot Tub Nights

If you lead a busy life, chances are your friends do too, and you could all use a place to unwind and relax. A backyard swimming pool with a hot tub gives the perfect location for a low-key get together, and is perfect all year round, even in chilly weather. The perfect place for intimate conversation, it can be made even better with candles or hanging lights or lanterns. Your friends will love coming over for a night of relaxation, and there is no need to go out! Reap all of the great benefits of hot tubs, including improved sleep, less tense muscles, and a reduction in stress. Let your house be the place that hosts great large parties, and also small, intimate backyard hot tub gatherings.

Hardscaping Makes it Even Better!

Along with a great pool, adding hardscape to your pool deck and surrounding area gives many opportunities for entertaining. A fire pit or fireplace near the pool gives you an area to relax and warm up by after a refreshing swim. An outdoor kitchen allows you to fully host parties outdoors, cooking and serving delicious meals with all of the amenities you love from your home kitchen. Imagine serving cold beverages from your outdoor refrigerator, and pulling out freshly baked appetizers for your hungry guests right on the pool deck. Hardscaping allows you to build walkways, different levels, benches, places for landscaping, and more! A pool is much more than just the water, and hardscaping elevates your backyard into an outdoor oasis that lends itself perfectly to entertaining!

Entertain Through Exercise!

If you are someone who enjoys aerobic pool classes at the local gym, or you have found that pools over the perfect low-impact space for exercise after an injury, or for older individuals, having your own pool can place the classes right at your home! Hire an instructor, invite your friends, and have fun in your own backyard pool doing the exercises and routines you have loved at other classes. Bringing people together at your house for exercise can be a great chance for some creative entertaining, especially if you have a relaxing swim spa that everyone can soak in afterwards. Or, host a yoga class on your beautiful pool deck and save the pool for a refreshing dip when you are done! If you have regularly used a pool at your local gym or rec center, think of how your own backyard pool can give you the same benefits without having an expensive membership or long trip. Entertain through exercise with your pool!

Can you see the entertaining possibilities that a backyard pool or inground hot tub can offer? At Blue Fountain Pools, we are committed to bringing you the best in pool design and installation—check out our amazing gallery to see what we can do! If you are considering a new swimming pool, swim spa, or hardscaping installation in Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Beverly Hills, or Orange County, Blue Fountain Pools can help—call us today!