Forget boring pools! A plain rectangle on a bland concrete pad is a thing of the past! Hardscaping is the answer to your boring backyard woes. As the weather heats up this summer, you will want to spend time outside, and in California, a backyard pool is a great way to cool down, relax, and have fun. If you already have a pool, but would love to add some interest and design, Blue Fountain Pools would love to help you add some great hardscaping to your pool area. If you are considering putting in a brand-new pool, we are Southern California’s premier pool contractors who can handle all of your in-ground pool and spa needs! We would love to help you add value to your home through a beautiful new pool, or some amazing hardscaping that will make your existing pool that much better.

Retaining Walls

Using walls in your pool design can give a backyard that starts out as a boring box more depth and dimension. Retaining walls can be made of larger stone pieces, or comprised of stacking stones depending on the look you like. Walls can separate areas of your backyard, and if you are wanting to separate a dining area from the pool, or mark off a patio, retaining walls are a perfect way to accomplish this. Even a low wall can visually separate areas of your backyard, and make it appear larger. If you are wanting to have your swimming pool separated from your home, a retaining wall can be a great solution. Retaining walls are also the perfect vehicle for extra landscaping, and can hold plants that will give your swimming pool the perfect backdrop. Retaining walls are also a great place for plants, and are a good place for low-water plants that thrive in Southern California. Retaining walls can also provide extra seating options, which is great during a party or family gathering. A few throw pillows can turn a wall into a beautiful seating area. As you can see, walls can really up the design in your backyard, and are the perfect complement to any backyard pool.


A backyard fireplace is great in any yard, but can be especially cozy near a swimming pool. Consider installing a fireplace adjacent to your swimming pool or spa to curl up next to after a great swim. Nothing is more magical than the moon reflecting on your pool, as a fire crackles nearby. Circular enclosures are great for firepits, with room on the edges for drinks. Larger fireplaces with elaborate chimney designs will add value and interest to your backyard. If you are looking to add that “wow” factor to your backyard, the only thing that can top a swimming pool is a pool with a fireplace nearby!

Waterfall Feature

Waterfalls are peaceful, calming, and great for relaxing by. A waterfall in your backyard, by your pool or spa, can add this peaceful tranquility to your yard, and allows for additional areas to have steps or plants. A waterfall can gracefully cascade into a small pool, and lily pads or even koi are a great addition to any small waterfall. But to really give your pool a unique look, consider construction that allows a waterfall to gently cascade into the swimming pool, either from the spa area, or a retaining wall. This really gives any swimming pool a great look! A waterfall feature can be combined with a slide to give kids and kids-at-heart added fun! When you think of a waterfall, you think of peace and tranquility; bring this sense of wellbeing into your yard!


Don’t just think of a walkway as a straight shot from point A to point B. A walkway made of a beautiful stone can add interest and great design around your backyard swimming pool. A walkway made from a different material than your patio can turn a boring backyard into something truly special. And, like retaining walls, walkways can separate areas and give them their own space. A walkway can be made of pavers, travertine, natural stone, or poured concrete, and they add design aesthetic to any yard. Think of how you could weave a walkway around your swimming pool and add design interest to your backyard.

Custom Patios

A patio doesn’t have to be one color, one material, or one even height. Varying the materials your patio is made from, adding steps or other areas of height, and adding in different colors can really change the look of your swimming pool. Outlining your pool edge in a different color or material can make the pool appear visually larger, and take up blank space. A stamp concrete gives a lot of interesting details to your pool, and can spruce up a boring area. Whatever material you choose, Blue Fountain Pools can help ensure that it will be safe and non-slip, and completely suitable for your pool area.

Outdoor Kitchen

Hardscaping can also provide the perfect framework for your outdoor kitchen. A kitchen outside is such a great feature, and adds luxury and value to your home. Whether you are cooking full meals outdoors, or just enjoying an occasional cold beverage poolside, hardscaping can help you achieve your backyard dreams. A swim-up bar area could link your swimming pool and kitchen areas, and give guests a place to sit, talk, and enjoy a cocktail right in the pool! Hardscaping can provide cooking surfaces, and places to serve food. If you love setting out a beautiful arrangement of appetizers and drinks, hardscaping can give you beautiful, functional, poolside areas.
As you can see, hardscaping gives your outdoor pool area design, beauty, and increased functionality. If you are in Huntington Beach, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, or the surrounding areas, Blue Fountain Pools would love to help you with any of your swimming pool needs. We can install new pools, update your current pool with a spa, or add hardscaping around your pool. Dream up your ideal backyard oasis, and let Blue Fountain Pools make it a reality! Call us today to get started on your next project!