You may have run across an infinity pool at your favorite luxury hotel or beach house and would love to recreate that look in your own home. Infinity pools are gaining popularity, and there is something very relaxing and beautiful about the design of these pools. Read on to find out more about infinity pools, and why you might want one in your home!

What is an Infinity Pool?

Sometimes called a negative edge pool, infinity pools appear to never end. They trick the eye into thinking the pool goes on towards the horizon, and can make your pool appear much larger than it really is. Infinity pools have clean lines, and highlight the refreshing pure water in your swimming pool. A true infinity pool is on sloped ground and has a catch basin or secondary pool that the water can flow into. Another infinity-style pool is an overflow pool where there is only one overflow section. An infinity pool requires a skilled pool installer to get it just right. You need to get the vanishing view effect just right, and choosing the perfect location to build on will be essential. The catch-basin needs to be hidden from view, but still needs to be close enough to catch the extra water. The water from the

Gorgeous infinity swimming pool.

 catch-basin is then pumped back through a filter and into the main pool. Because there are two water areas, the maintenance on these pools can be a bit higher. But the appearance of these pools can’t be matched!

Why Choose an Infinity Pool?

Who is a good candidate for an infinity pool? Infinity pools highlight the views behind them, so if you have a great ocean view, mountain view, or expansive vista that you want to capitalize on, an infinity pool could be a good choice for you. Imagine relaxing in your pool, watching the sunset over the edge of the water, or feeling like you are floating above it all, enjoying the tranquility of your never-ending pool. Because an infinity pool is constantly overflowing, you get the added bonus of a peaceful waterfall noise to add to the ambience of your pool. You could also choose to go with a flush, or zero edge, pool if you want a clean, modern effect but might not have the room or the slope for an overflow basin. A flush edge pool brings the water level with the surrounding pool deck and hardscape in your yard, and is perfect for a minimalist look. If you want a luxury pool that will complement your home, wow your guests, and give you hours of enjoyment, an infinity pool is for you!

Blue Fountain Can Help!

An infinity pool will be a custom, precise, and involved pool design that only a skilled contractor should handle. Blue Fountain Pools brings 42 years of experience to the southern California area, and would love to help you with your next pool project. Adding a pool can increase your home’s value, give you a great place to entertain, and make your backyard beautiful. Choose Blue Fountain pools serving Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Beverly Hills, and all of Orange County to install your next luxury infinity swimming pool!