Whether you want to cool down during a hot day, you want to exercise, or you just want to get your feet wet, a pool will always come in handy, especially during a hot day in Orange County. That being said, no matter how much you may love swimming, it would be hard to get comfortable if you go to a public pool, where the place could be packed depending on the day.

custom swimming pool

If you want to get comfortable, why share water with a pack of strangers when you could instead enjoy your own little vacation at home right in your backyard with your very own private pool! All you need to do is come in contact with the orange county swimming pool contractors, you can have fun in the sun at your own time!

The Process

Naturally, there is a process of how the orange county swimming pool contractors get to work in constructing a pool, which is as followed:

  • Client Introduction: Just send an email or call, and we can begin the construction of your pool and an exhilarating relationship!
  • The Design: Once we get a good idea of what you want, we can move along to designing your pool. With our creative team’s help, we can provide you with a 3D model to give you a taste of your dream pool being made into reality.
  • Permit and Engineering: After we’ve confirmed the design, we draw up the blueprints and send them to the city to be approved.
  • Construction: Once we get the green light, it’s time for our construction team to get to work, all the while keeping you posted on the progress. When it’s all said and done, and we have your approval, all that’s left to do is let you enjoy your new backyard pool!

swimming pool under construction

A Perfect Fit for All

Normally, most backyard pools are around is 14-15 feet wide and 28-30 feet long. If you don’t have a backyard that can fit that, you don’t have to worry!

Everyone has different tastes and different lifestyles. The “standard” pool that could be found in public or at hotels doesn’t necessarily suit everyone, especially since some may just want to cool themselves down rather than go for a swim. With that in mind, we want to make sure your pool is tailored precisely to your needs and your likings. Whether you’re interested in a large pool, a standard-sized one, or even just a mini one to chill out and soak in, we can take care of you!

custom pool

Your Very Own Custom Pool

It’s boring to have something you can find anywhere else. Because this is your pool, we want to make your swimming pool how you want it to be. As such, we can customize your swimming pool with accessories like a built-in hot tub, a patio, a pool house, and even vanishing edges!


If you live in Orange County, you’ll know that you are home to some of the most comfortable counties to reside in, and it’s only fitting to include a pool to compliment your lovely home. You can rest assured that the orange county pool contractors will be sure to set up all your needs to create the perfect space of relaxation in your backyard!