Everything you need to know about what goes behind the scenes of designing a swimming pool.

custom swimming pool

The creation of a custom swimming pool is a long process. Here is a quick step by step guide to learn about our process and what goes behind creating a custom swimming pool design.

1. Designing the Layout

The engineers and designers create a custom 3D layout of the swimming pool which is then spray painted over the site by the pool builders orange county.

2. Excavation

Secondly, the area where the swimming pool should be built is excavated up to the required depth plus some clearance.

3. Installation of Steel

Thirdly, thick steel wires are bent, tied, and installed to create a framework for the swimming pool.

4. Plumbing and Electrical Fittings

Then, the plumbing process is done by a certified and professional plumber. Plumbing helps in the proper circulation of water. Also, the flowing systems such as therapy jets and water features are installed.

plumbing process 5. Shotcrete

In this step, pressurized concrete is shaped and placed inside the pool area according to the design of the swimming pool by the orange county pool builders.

6. Tiling and decking

Afterward, the pool is covered with the tiles of your choice by a skilled tile setter. It is the beautifying step in the process of building a custom swimming pool.

7. Interior finishing

Experienced craftsmen divert the flow of concrete in the required directions to create the exact design of the swimming pool.

Interior finishing of Swimming Pool8. Pool startup

This is one of the most important steps to learn about our process and what goes behind creating a custom swimming pool design. The startup technicians run some final checks to ensure the proper functioning of the pool.


9. Final checks

The swimming pool’s deck undergoes final coating and painting in this process.

10. Landscaping

Finally, the landscaping of the swimming pool takes place according to the custom designs.

Final Words

In case you were wondering about the process of creating a swimming pool design, these were the basic steps that lead the way to your custom swimming pool!