Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) and the Government of Canada have reached a historic self-government agreement, paving the way for greater autonomy and decision-making power for the Métis people in Manitoba. The agreement, which can be found here, signifies a significant step towards recognizing and honoring the rights of the Métis community.

The agreement includes provisions for the establishment of a self-governing entity, which will have the authority to make decisions on a wide range of matters affecting the Métis people in Manitoba. This includes jurisdiction over education, healthcare, child and family services, and natural resources management. With this new level of autonomy, the Métis community will be better equipped to address the specific needs and priorities of their people.

In addition to the self-government agreement, the MMF has also negotiated an ancillary pressure agreement with the provincial government, as detailed here. This agreement ensures that the Métis people will have a say in major decisions related to oil and gas development in the province, including the protection of cultural and environmental heritage.

Furthermore, the MMF has announced an athletic coaching agreement, which aims to provide opportunities and support for Métis athletes. Details of this agreement can be found here. The MMF recognizes the importance of sports and athletics in promoting physical and mental well-being among their community members, and this agreement demonstrates their commitment to fostering athletic talent and success.

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